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And now, something in Latin!: Ad hoc chicken.

I should’ve seen it comin’, loomin’ in the distance, knowin’ you’ll be soaked from head to toe in less than an hour, if you’re not inside listenin’ to the heavy drops peltin’ the roof. “Yeller!” you cry. “Oh, Yellllerrrr!” The … Continue reading

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Stock Options.

There’s something about a big pot of homemade chicken stock simmering away on the stove that’s just so darn.. awesome. And comforting, too, of course. I thrill myself by being thrifty–carving away on that chicken, saving the bits of meat … Continue reading

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When cooking dinner only requires drinking a margarita,

life is good. The parents took over tonight, and we broke out the new ridiculously schmancy margarita machine we bought yesterday. Most importantly about this here machine.. it shaves the ice instead of crushing it, so, you know what that … Continue reading

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