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Illegally eating?

I’m pretty sure there’s no statute against whatever I’m eating and however I’m doing it, but let me pose a question.. Ever notice how I kind of.. stop writing once school has started? Last semester my friends and family¬† would … Continue reading

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The Queen’s Poisoned Apple.. in muffin form!

Somehow, the first day of 1L Orientation coordinated with a box of a dozen fancy muffins arriving from the boyfriend’s “evil stepmonster”, as she so wishes to be called (What is it with mothers wanting to be called anything but.. … Continue reading

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Zen and the Art of… Paralyzing Fear

So, I’ve always known law school was going to be a hellish three years.. with an emphasis on the horribleness of the first year. “I’m ready!” I told myself. “Yes, I’ve been slacking off but still making awesome grades for … Continue reading

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