I’m a twentysomething learning the zen and the art of domicile maintenance. In between a job, grad school, and a positively delightful man, I cook, I run, and I think up new things that I could do to become unnecessarily busy.

Once upon a time, I started this blog on the verge of law school, in Austin, TX. A million things happened and now? I’m a law-school dropout, developing startups, and happier than ever. All in the sticky jungle of Memphis, TN.

I’m in love with anything I can beautify, improve, or simply love. This leads me to style, to entrepreneurship, to food, to fashion, to my micro-family.

What hasn’t changed? I continue to eat. And most of it is legal. Am I implying that I’m legally eating?

I’ll never tell!

2 Responses to About

  1. dad says:

    As your: biggest fan, unintentional critic and kitchen co-conspirator I disagree with your comment in the blog that the “ribeye” I grilled was “over-cooked”. I still contend that it was in fact “under-marbled”. My standard cooking time for ribeye assumes at least a 75% fat to protein ratio. This COSTCO ribeye was less than 10% fat.

  2. legallyeating says:

    ok, dad. ok.

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