Blazers: Black and Sexed Up for Date Night

Blazers Made Sexy for Date Night: Black

Wearing a black blazer is a little less complicated than turning out a white or more vibrant one with style, except you run into the problem of trying not to look like Hillary Clinton. To keep a black boyfriend blazer far from “power suit”, you’ve got to style it in a way that suggests you did this on purpose, and not because you sleep on a cot at work.

This is an excellent date night set, though I might avoid visible bustiers for the first date, unless you just, er, really know what you want and aren’t afraid to get it.. if you know what I mean. I know you know what I mean. That being said, if you rock this on a third date, you’re just going to look smoking hot, and the black and basics backdrop leaves you a ton of room to work with accessories, which change the entire vibe of the outfit.

Keep in mind my blazer post-marathon is all due to‘s sale on blazers–40% off if you use the code fallsuit2012 and happen to be one of the first 40 of the day to use it, until the 15th. I really wish SheInside were paying me to say all of this, but they’re not. They won’t even return my emails about where my awesome split maxi skirt is. I absolutely have to have it for the party I’m throwing this weekend, don’t you understand that, SheInside?!

Here, a high waist jean with a single button–multiple buttons or contrast trimming and you look too “high waist jeans” or, God forbid, might remind people of the Jessica Simpson “mom jeans” episode of 2009–balances a cropped black sheer singlet, which oozes casual sex appeal, especially when worn over a strapless sweetheart bustier. You don’t want anything too structured here; you’re not going for burlesque-show-just-ended-and-thank-God-IHOP-is-24-hours-because-I’m-STARVING, although I have nothing against that look in moderation and have abused it more than I should like to share. Here, though, what you want is the feminine sweetheart neckline and slight show of skin, the hint of lingerie, but enough coverage that you don’t look desperate at all.

The gold dagger collar necklace is a total favorite of mine this season, as it allows you to incorporate a collar without looking like you’re being choked. Did you ever hear that joke that wearing a turtleneck is like being constantly strangled.. by the weakest person in the world? That’s what wearing a buttoned-up collar is like, to me. I don’t understand how O does it every single day at work; I get claustrophobic with my jugular all tidied up like that. Here, the collar necklace is a little geometric and detailed against the flatness of the sheer singlet, blazer, and jeans. If you want to go for serious sex appeal, forego the collar necklace for none at all, or for a very thin, long gold chain necklace that hangs right in front of your breast bone. In my mind, though, nothing is sexier than an overt resting on your collarbones and shoulders to draw up your femininity, leaving necklaces totally out of the equation. That being said, for a date early on, a long necklace is good to have to play with. Your hair will thank you.

The outfit parts at the accessories. Your options are:

  • Complete and utter commitment to classically glam yet delicate femininity: A dusty pink shoulder bag is modern yet structured enough to add a bit of femininity to an otherwise dark set. And, of course, red suede peep-toe pumps are almost unbearably classic and sexy and will never, ever go out of style, if I have anything to do with it. You will have to pry them from my cold dead mouse-clicking fingers, constantly reposting them on eBay. They¬†will live. I have a pair of red peep-toe pumps I’ve been wearing for seven years. That, dear readers, shows commitment, and a desperate need for a new pair.
  • Trendy and fun: Teal suede heeled sandals add a fun pop of color, a subtle nod to the dew green trend, without making you look like a fashion student who’s just really trying way too hard. The bag is the perfect shade of gray–not too pale, just a hint of color–and structured beautifully. It balances out the heel to let it pop as the main detail, while the rest of your trendy pieces wade subtly in the back, drifting on the surface of the wave of your sex kitten ooze.
  • Classic but vibrant: Pair a muted bold color with a classic structure and you’ve got an excellent tote to liven up a neutral-toned outfit. This bag is phenomenal, from the slightly muted vibrant orange, to the beautiful structure, to the cool, cool price of half a hundred dollars. Pair with perfect nude Christian Louboutins with an almond toe, the right amount of platform, and a perfectly skinny heel. Not really in the market to spend $640 before your next date? Try

Yes, Jessica Simpson heels, available on a click-through for only $40 right now at

So what did you learn today? Cheryl can write a blog that mentions Jessica Simpson not once, not once, guys, but twice. Oh, and blazers are totally sexy if you do them right.

Check out the full set and where to buy.

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