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That’s some serious amore.

The slightly extended family came over for dinner tonight, with a “special guest.” Ooooh. Except when my mother said that, she didn’t mean me, even though none of that slightly extended family has seen me since I moved home. She … Continue reading

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Stock Options.

There’s something about a big pot of homemade chicken stock simmering away on the stove that’s just so darn.. awesome. And comforting, too, of course. I thrill myself by being thrifty–carving away on that chicken, saving the bits of meat … Continue reading

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Quite the pickle to be in, ja?

So, I’m slightly obsessed with pickles, to the point where most people involved in adding them to my food tend to raise one eyebrow and stare at me, while their hands deftly dump handfuls onto my plate. Naturally, I decided … Continue reading

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