And now, some cognates.

All together, now, grab that cigarette* and glass of wine, smear on a thick French accent and say it with me:

Sah-lahd pah-ree-zee-ehn!


Mmm, fancy blog. Back to things that make sense, I was craving a “salade parisienne” earlier today, which proved to be quite the obstacle to focusing on bidding for public interest jobs in the form of cover letter after cover letter after cover letter..

I was thinking of the old days when I was free and in Paris, sitting at the brasserie down the street from my room, drinking a nice glass of wine, eating this fat salad, and sketching the random super French-looking Parisian men all around me. Ah, yes. So, a few cover letters down, I just had to give in to the cravings.

This baby’s a salade composée, I think it is in French, which just means it’s a calm and composed salad. Well, I’m not entirely sure what it means, but it’s just a bunch of good stuff all together, covered in a delicious Dijon vinaigrette–tomatoes, olives, thick-sliced ham, Swiss or Gruyère cheese, and hard-boiled eggs..

OK, concession. I don’t really know how to hard-boil an egg. Debone a duck? Yes. I mean, no, but hopefully soon.. That’s the next ridiculous and totally unnecessary challenge on the docket. But nonetheless, I’ve boiled about two eggs in my life, and there’s so many confusing directions on it.. Boil for four minutes and 28 seconds, remove from heat, jump on one foot, put back on heat, heat to 164º for approximately 34 seconds, attempt a backbend, and if you don’t fall over, the egg is ready!

That’s what it seems like anyway. But I found a good simple recipe, which I will so generously share with all of you who undoubtedly already know how to hard-boil an egg. And seriously, I like deviled eggs.. What have I been missing?!

So here’s the deal. I put the eggs in a saucepan, covered them with cold water, a full inch over the eggs, then put them on medium-high heat:
(Look how dirty our stove got today! Ugh!)

Once they came to a full boil, I removed them from the heat, then let them sit for 15 minutes. It worked.

That’s really the most complicated part of the whole recipe.. Unless you want to add sliced boiled potatoes. Then you just have to boil those babies, too. I would’ve–it’s tasty–but I was hungry and impatient and only wanted to dirty up one pan. I’m so green. And lazy.

Salade Parisienne
Vinaigrette Ingredients
1/2 – 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar, or lemon juice
1 – 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
6 tablespoons olive oil, or other salad oil
salt and pepper

Vinaigrette Directions
Whisk together vinegar/lemon juice and Dijon mustard. Add in the oil slowly, continuing to whisk. Season to taste.

That’s it!

Salad Ingredients
Ahh, beautiful thing. You can add loads of stuff on top of your lettuce (I use red leaf) here, but traditionally you choose from:
Hard-boiled eggs
Shredded carrots
Sliced cheese, all rolled up pretty–typically something white, like Swiss or Gruyere
Sliced ham and/or turkey–also all rolled up pretty
A slice of chicken
Black olives
Boiled sliced potatoes
Boiled green beans
Steamed asparagus
On and on…

Toss the lettuce with dressing then top and eat!

*Disclaimer: I do not condone smoking.

About theStylistQuo

I'm a twentysomething living in Memphis, TN committed to the idea that we've lost the art of living. I'm here to help you bring it back! I adore food and entertaining, classic style steeped in a little bit of trendiness, and traveling. I'd be delighted to show you how to prepare the very best filet mignon, style trends in a way that won't make you groan when you see photos in ten years, and create the perfect playlist to set the mood for a party. I am the Stylist Quo. This is my answer to the lost art of living; this is my idea of how to bring style into every crevice of your life.
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10 Responses to And now, some cognates.

  1. matt says:

    I’d bet(money) this salade composee would even make this hillbilly see “freedom” fries as a culinary disgrace.

    …and by hillbilly I mean hillbilly.

    In the otherhand, I’ll keep carelessly balanced lit cigarette(smoking is so je ne sais quoi… even to hillbillies).

  2. legallyeating says:

    i think this is a compliment, but i’m not sure.

    i wish it were the 60s and i could have a cooking show with me in black and white, eyeliner, and a cigarette in one hand.. tel chic, n’est-ce pas?

  3. Remy says:

    Substitute “cigarette” with “scary knife” and you already have a pretty decent description of your title photo.

    • legallyeating says:

      hey now, i only cook with a can of lone star by my side!

      there’s simply no rhyme or reason to my actions.. maverick!

  4. Ricky Nelson says:

    I may use this blog to learn how to make good food lol. I barely know how to cook, but my main problem is picking a dish to make. The latter part of the problem has partially solved though.

    • legallyeating says:

      i’m the same. i always tell myself to just open a cookbook, try something new, but really i just put off lunch too late, get a massive craving for something, and try to gnaw on tortilla chips long enough to stave off the hunger. seems tortuous, seeing it written.. oh well!

  5. idwsj says:

    And you’re back! I thought you knifed this blog – it’s good to see you posting again.

    • legallyeating says:

      thanks! yeah, that whole.. law school thing.. tough stuff. but i’m going to try to keep it up so i don’t go totally crazy this semester, deep in the heart of property and con law.. ugh.

  6. matt says:

    Eek. I should refrain from Rumplemintz while raiding blogs for ideas…. An intended compliment much for sure…

    • legallyeating says:

      much appreciated, then. and yes, when i first got your comment i had a glass of wine in my hand so that could’ve attributed to my confusion!

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