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Cuz you don’t “knead” to knead! Ba dum chhh.. And ham and butter!

Let’s face it. Generic American grocery stores simply can’t do French bread. The utterance of this simple realization led the friend on the phone to tell me to “love it or leave it”. Hey now, I’m not shifting allegiance, just … Continue reading

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And now, some cognates.

All together, now, grab that cigarette* and glass of wine, smear on a thick French accent and say it with me: Sah-lahd pah-ree-zee-ehn! Mmm, fancy blog. Back to things that make sense, I was craving a “salade parisienne” earlier today, … Continue reading

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Keep the change, you filthy animals.

So every time I eat Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese–which happens way more than it should when I’m visiting my parents–I always think of little Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, and then I go through all the funny parts of that … Continue reading

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