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Impress her with your microwave!

Yeah, I said it. The impossible has become.. possible. And it was a giant step for guykind. About a year ago, I ran into this fantastic recipe on an all-around fantastic blog. I’m not a huge chocolate cake person, save … Continue reading

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A word from our sponsors while you wait for the FEATURE FILM.

OK, so yeah, I was beaching it up for a while, and then I went and packed up all my junk, looked at my sad, empty apartment, and said goodbye for good. I cried a little bit this morning, pulling … Continue reading

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I’ll have the braised lion with the brandy demi-glace, please.

OK, so I was a little disappointed when I realized Hemingway’s Island Grille was based off his Cuba phase, not his African safari phase. No matter, I’m down with Cuba, SORRY AMERICA. Cuban food made in America, at least. That’s … Continue reading

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